“Dog Callar” ™

Leah and I are still in Australia. Walking back to the hotel, this idea hit me that I love.

Imagine an attachment for your dog’s collar that called your cell phone if your dog ever barked all crazy. (Ie, louder and longer than a specific threshhold.) After calling, the dog’s collar would stay on speakerphone mode.

This would allow you to do two things: Listen for breaking glass or thuggish voices, in case the dog is responding to a burglar. Calm your dog down by telling it to chill the fuck out over the phone.

Pure gold. TELL me that wouldn’t sell like hot cakes.

UT Video Games Archive

UT hosted a gathering for the upcoming Video Games Archive. Lots of fun, hanging out with people I used to work with, 6, 10, 14 years ago.

These might be the worst pictures I’ve ever taken. Shown here are Richard Garriot, Warren Spector and Rich Vogel.

We drank too much and had a great time. UT is collecting up video game materials for the archive. At the event, people brought stuff like design docs from 15 years ago (that became games like Wing Commander), marketing materials and music from very old games. Lord British brough a roll of yellowing teletype paper from his first game, pre Akalabeth.

Garriot and Spector