Borzai are four-armed humanoids with black antlers and odd skin that constantly shifts through dark shades of color. They are exclusively nocturnal and are usually organized into small hunting bands. Borzai have a variety of attack modes. Their hands are equipped with sharp black claws, which they use in combat with speed and efficiency (1d4 x2). Their antlers, too, provide them with a potent form of attack, allowing a charging borzai to gore an opponent (1d6). While making eye contact, borzai can also attempt (vs saving throw) to drain the life energy (1d4) of their opponents (and if successful the attacking borzai is healed for an amount equal to 1/2 of the drained hp’s). When struck, borzai sometimes unconsciously discharge electricity into anyone in physical contact (causing 1d4 dmg). They move about by surfing on a wave of temporarily liquefied earth. Borzai explode upon death (causing 1d4 electrical dmg to anyone within 10′).

Color Creeper

The color creeper is land dwelling octopus that lives primarily in uninhabited woodland areas. Hiding amid the leaves, rocks and brambles of the littered forest floor, this monster slithers along in search of game. When a color creeper spots its intended prey, it usually attempts to move in closer before striking, creeping along slowly and quietly, using its amazing camouflaging ability to remain unseen. When it is within attack range, this creature will spring forward, lashing out with 4 of its 8 clawed tentacles (1-2 hp’s dmg x 4). The color creeper can entrap smaller creatures within its grasp, but any victim of medium or greater size is immune to this form of constriction attack. Color creepers are non-territorial and may often be found living and hunting near one another. Though they do not generally coordinate their hunting efforts in any intelligent manner, nearby color creepers may join together in an attack (and later fight over the spoils). These creatures make an odd hooting or cooing noise.

Shimmer Cat

Resembling a mountain lion with dark blue fur and two sets of menacing yellow eyes, the shimmer cat is so named because of the unsettling indigo nimbus which faintly radiates from its body. The shimmer cat has incredible stamina and is capable of traveling for great distances on foot. Upon nearing an intended victim, it will usually employ stealth, stalking its prey for the thrill of the hunt. The cat will often taunt its victim with simple, yet disconcerting telepathic images before attacking (which are unintelligently stirred up from within the victim’s mind). Defensively, the shimmer cat relies on its speed and unusually tough skin for protection. It is a clever hunter and it always hunts alone.


The Shy’Ree are an extraplanar cat-like race of humanoids who were once common within the Plane of Shadow. Having lost a long series of wars in that place, certain sects of their society have expatriated themselves to the Prime Material Plane. They are covered in sleek blue-black fur, have lithe humanoid bodies and feline heads. They are aggressive in nature and are extremely ethnocentric. The Shy’Ree young are typically conditioned from birth to believe that their race is superior to all others. Most groups of the feline sorcerers make a practice to keep slaves. Slave groups are often made up of a combination of races, but the Shy’Ree never enslave members of their own race; captured Shy’Ree are executed instead. On their home plane, members of the dominant Shy’Ree culture typically build their dwellings along wide rocky shelves. Most Shy’Ree do not enjoy living below the surface. While on the Prime Material Plane, the Shy’Ree exist in small pockets. These outposts maintain communications and commerce with one another via mystic means. An outpost will typically be ruled over by a single dominant male or female mage.

Yith Crawler

These starfish-like creatures are highly magical and very rare. They are sought for use as symbiotes due to the benefits this relationship can confer. This creature is of low intelligence, but when attached to a host partner, it shares the intellect level and senses of the host in a limited fashion. Yith crawlers are native to the ethereal void and possess the ability to retreat into a pocket dimension and remain there for several hours whenever threatened. This ability is conveyed to the host creature. The Yith crawler is bluish in color, but this color is somewhat obscured because the crawler constantly emits smoky vapors as if smoldering. When mating, three Yith crawlers share a single pocket dimension until they have successfully impregnated one another.

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