Magic Items

Things I’ve created for my RPG campaigns.

The Orb of Ginji

A dark, fist-sized orb containing murky liquid, this device is the home of an oracular fish named Ginji. Periodically (at the whims of the fish), Ginji will rise to the surface of the orb and telepathically alert its owner. It will then impart some bit of wisdom or prophecy. Ginji is calm and cryptic. It has bulging eyes its scales are gold and black. The orb is unbreakable.

An undead horse with pale gray flesh, a black mane and tail, Wrevek was originally created by a necromantic priestess named Shalla. This immortal steed functions like a normal horse in many ways. However, being undead, Wrevek never needs sleep or food. He requires a portion of the rider’s spiritual essence (or mana pool) to be dedicated to him in order to gain full empathic control. He is generally unafraid of supernatural threats and mystical effects.

The Riddler
In one campaign, the players traveled with a mysterious warrior (of questionable ethics) who called himself “the Riddler.” Eventually, they fought with him over some issue. After killing him, Artie–always envious of the Riddler’s sword–picked up the weapon. Immediately, he turned to Cloudshadow, the group’s half-elven ranger, and said in a new, eerie voice, “I am the Riddler…” All along, the warrior was merely the pawn of the sword. A beautiful weapon, this entity will attempt to possess anyone who seizes it (and if it fails, it will subsequently make the attempt again each time the user takes a life with the sword). After assuming control, the sword will use its victim as a vehicle, setting out under its own agenda, subverting the original personality and replacing it with the ‘Riddler’ persona.

The Black Snowflake
This mystical construct appears to be an intricate ebon snowflake, which constantly sheds darkly luminous dust. If uncontained, the Black Snowflake drifts along a (seemingly) random path. It can be contained in any mundane way, and might be found in a stoppered vial. Tapping into its illusionary magicks, the snowflake alters the user’s appearance and surroundings based on subconscious desires. In this way, the user’s self and world become idealized. The person possessing the item may or may not be aware of this effect. The snowflake is inherently fascinating to the owner.

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