FireTeam: Best Game of the Year

cool announcement: the people at have voted FireTeam ‘game of the year.’

check out their other choices here.

also, other good things have been happening for FireTeam (the tactical internet squad game that was my last project at Multitude). OGR, Computer Games Online and MPOG have all independently given FireTeam “4 star ratings.” plus it got the editor’s choice award from Games Domain. it’s very cool that the online gamer community is responding so well to a game that is very much outside the normal gaming genres.

hmm, looking at the page counter, the cauldron site has passed ‘2000 unique ip addresses.’ according to the character advancement tables, don’t i get a new level or something? more hit points? another spell?

ION designer/architectural badass monte martinez says i should get The Zealot, who manages this site, to change the counter so it says: experience points. what about it Zealot? here at ION austin, we’ve been playing *lots* of Baldur’s Gate, including a marathon 15 hour session on saturday. monday through friday is dedicated to Deus Ex, but right now the weekends are for recreational gaming.

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