i’m leaving for e3 tomorrow. see you there if you’re going and want to say hi. (i think i’ll be snugly imprisoned in the Eidos area…)

if you’re curious, AMAZING things happened for Deus Ex prior to this week. we actually took our alpha and polished it. no last minute bullshit–we just spent the time tuning missions 01 & 02, talking a lot about what, post e3, we need to beef up and what we need to cut back. peachy.

warren and chris just left for the airport. scott martin and al yarusso (more programmers!) are going too. i leave tomorrow.

wonder if i could get anything on eBay for my Deus Ex demo CD? (“12 quatlus!!!”)

see you at the show.

btw–quake3 test deathmatching is awesome. i liked quake, hated quake 2. this is more like doom in 3d–fast, furious, fun. the jump pads were a brilliant move. the only thing i’m having trouble with is knowing which interface # corresponds with which weapon. but, q3 is clearly an artistic acheivement. this is going to take deathmatching to masses.

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