general update

here is the latest Deus Ex update.

e3 went GREAT for us. RPG players seems to *really* respond well. the people who played the game said wonderful things about it. (a number of people played halfway through mission 01 or so, taking about 45 minutes.)

the show trip was exhausting. warren got sick. we lost our voices daily. immediately after e3, chris norden (assistant director/lead programmer) went the a show called Creativity. and warren and i went to ION dallas to talk to journalists from Japan’s “play online.” the weather came crashing in over dallas–eerie green sky, waves of lightning and the loudest thunder i have ever hear, all from the wall-length glass 54th floor window looking over the city. the journalists were freaked out, video tapping the incoming storm. the downside to this wonderful atmospheric phenomenon is that warren and i missed out out-going flight and had to spend the night in dallas. we sat in a holiday inn bar, drinking like lushes and arguing politics and eugenics. (cutting geeks loose on liquor is almost never a good idea…) i’ve spent the last week recovering from all the standing, demoing, talking and travelling. now back to what we love–making games.

also, in my spare time i have been beta testing system shock 2 for friends at Irrational Game/Looking Glass Technologies. i am stunned–STUNNED!–at how cool this game is. you simply will not believe it…

anway, now the Deus Ex team are setting up to move ahead fleshing out missions 03 through 18. (for alpha, we completed totally playable versions of mission 01 & 02, thus providing something of a game-play blue-print for what we want to do with the rest of the game. and ‘all raw geometry’ for missions 03-18.)

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