Generic Update

things are going well for deus ex. we have missions 01-03 in a playable state. some of the later missions, out of sequence, are about as far along. the game is a *lot* denser now with minute-to-minute interactions due to some of the game mechanics we’ve added. this has consumed most of our time lately. and our story elements have gotten a lot cooler in the last couple of months due to some re-focusing and the excellent job our new writer (sheldon pacotti) has done. it feels like the team is really on a roll now.

that damn david duchovny song is hillarious. buffy rocks for participating in that.

hmmm, since we’re on the subject of pop culture news, i’m told radiohead recently released a video called meeting people is easy. i may get that, but really i am mostly super primed for their new album, forthcoming. i recently saw RUN, LOLA, RUN. it’s great, go see it pronto. also 6th sense is a way cooler horror movie than blair witch.

also, by now hopefully most of the world’s hardcore pc gamers know that system shock 2 is out and is a great game. i think it;s one of my favorite pc games ever. you should play it.

bye-bye. back to work for me.

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