game industry

at this site, there is an article about ‘why the game industry sucks.’

i obviosuly do not speak for all perspectives, but from my point of view, the game industry is immensely wonderful. i’ve been involved for just over 6 years now and i have loved it. i’ve had ideas crushed, seen friends fired, had projects killed, worked with evil tyrants, had games tank completely and worked on one project i consider at the least a quasi-dog.

but i’ve also worked on games i loved (that did pretty well, at least critically). and i’ve been payed for doing something i enjoy. i’ve helped other friends achieve goals. most importantly, i’ve worked with some people who continually amaze me–some smart, creative people who care a lot about what they do. i’ve learned constantly–the challenges are never ending.

no, i’ve not been on the cover of wired or rolling stone. i don’t have groupies or drive an expensive sports car. (that shit would be nice, btw.) but all in all, i love my job, despite the hard times.

none of this is really factual–it’s all perspective based, of course. the author of the ‘why the game industry sucks’ article is certainly entitled to his opinion.

btw, as a warning: out there, in the world of media, you will also find numerous articles, songs, movies and other such works that will state, as if it were fact, that the world itself sucks.

defy. defy. defy.

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