holiday movie spree

getting away from crunch mode for a while is great. the holidays are a lifesaver. i also get a chance to catch up on movies i’ve wanted to see.

my thanksgiving holiday movies:

1) north by northwest–loved it, especially the ending. i love hitchcock. he is the nabokov of film.

2) end of days–yuck. some good scenes courtesy of satan, but otherwise a buddy cop movie where arnold shoots the devil with a rocket propelled grenade.

3) being john malchovic–incredible. delightful. really creative and interesting (the highest compliment).

4) shine–not as great as some said. a weak plot, though a good movie and a great performance. movies about peculiar humans and virtuoso capability are usually fun. geoffrey rush is like a gift to western culture.

5) iron giant–wonderful. well worth watching. ray bradbury-esque in my opinion. innocent, yet meaningful.

6) sleepy hollow–exciting fun. tim burton is awesome. i hope he eventually does the gaimen sandman/death movie.

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