Recent Dream

I dreamed that my ex and I moved into a yellow house in some suburb.

The house was similar to the one my parents built when I was 16. My dad and stepmom built the house in a different city, nearby, which required me to break up with my first long-term girlfriend. The family was in the process of moving when my dad and stepmom divorced. My dad, my brother and I only lived in the house briefly, during a time of chaos and sadness.

In the dream, my dog Star stole a Winnebego and drove off (seriously). Very annoyed that she would do this, I was following her in my car, trying to catch her and bring her back.

Out on the highway, I developed the impression that there was a threatening driver behind me. Looking back, I saw a black truck very close to my bumper, weaving and accelerating toward me. Occuring over the course of a series of snapshots as I looked into the mirror, the truck crashed somehow, still very close to my car. The black truck flipped into the air and started rolling, end over end with great violence. I sped up to get away from it and smoke filled the highway at my back.

A woman cop questioned me later, at some sort of diner, but I pretended not to know anything about the crash and got away without any trouble.

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