2005 Favorite Links

I’m always curious about which links people follow religiously, so maybe you are too. I got rid of my tv in the middle of 2005, so the web (and word of mouth) are my exclusively sources for news.

Of course, I also check in with ThinkProgress.com and DailyKos.com, just to stir my liberal rage.

There’s a lot of other useful stuff I look at from time to time (like epicurious.com or boxofficemojo.com), but the following links I look at daily or weekly:

Exploding Dog
Exploding Dog is always charming, sometimes brutally funny.

The Onion
Of course, the classic humor site we’ve all loved for years.

Google News
The “news site” that I now use almost exclusively.

Perry Bible Fellowship
Awesome, slightly surrealist web comic.

Questionable Content
Indie music fan soap opera comic.

Perpetually interesting source for ‘net culture related stories.

Common Times
A community edited news site.

What interesting sites do you use routinely?

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