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It’s sooo hard to avoid American politics right now. Our government is totally corrupt; companies basically buy policy, to the benefit of the powerful, at the detriment of the average Joe (or Jane). Rush Limbaugh arrested again for drug-related problems. Six conservative politicians got caught trading votes for sex (by a group providing them with prostitues and limo service…remind me again of why the conservatives hated Clinton?). Oil prices. Fundamentalist religious values infecting and corrupting science. The administration’s efforts to squash alternative energy (and literally altering the text of scientific reports…when the administration’s “editor” got caught, he quickly resigned and went to work for a petrochem company…I mean, fucking hello…). Wiretapping civilians. Secret prisons. Torture. Iraq. Global warming (yes, it’s real…). Darfur. Sudan. Rumsfeld undermining the military (in ways that are routinely disasterous for our troops). Unanswered questions about 9/11. Karl Rove, architect of misinformation. Right-wing politicians moving back and forth between petrochem companies and government offices (in critical places like the FDA…conflict of interest?). The conservatives weakening “expensive” programs for the people (FEMA, Medicare, et al), then pointing to them as failures and asking to dismantle them (…who does this benefit? Who does it hurt? Follow the money…). Tom Delay and a thousand other paid-for-politicians. Agent Valerie Plame being outed by the Republicans for political gain (to support a lie). The totally Orwellian information coming from Washington (…spelled out by the just-released annual report, a massive increase in terror attacks equals, somehow, that the world is safer from terror…that’s their response to the report? Really? Examples of the Orwellian language abound…a bill introduced that allows companies to put more mercury into the air we breath is called Clear Skies, WTF?). Secrets. Lies. Etc.

However, fuck it…today I’m all about the science of happiness. Short, but interesting as hell.

BBC Article

Also, there’s a test to find out how happy you are, relative to others.

Happiness Survey

I am going to get some exercise today, run some errands, hang out with my g/f and play some Oblivion (I hope).

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