i am 8 bit

Yesterday, I flew to LA to participate in a panel hosted by MTV News, featuring Cliff B., Will Wright, David Jaffee and me. The event was held in an Hollywood/Melrose art gallery called 1988. (I got up on Monday morning at 5am, flew out for the show, then returned to Austin on the same day and got into bed by midnight; all in a day’s work…)

“i am 8 bit” is an art show dedicated to video game characters. This is the second year for the show, so they had something like 200 pieces.

The panel itself was fun. I feel lucky to have been invited. It should be on MTV News this week or next. (If anyone could Tivo it, I’d be eternally grateful. Let me know…)

Anyway, I thought I’d share some of my low-res photos. The artwork itself was amazing.

Will Wright (the Sims, Sim-City)

Me at “Gallery 1988”

David Jaffee (God of War) and Cliff Blezinski (Unreal)

Pac*Man in Heaven

My favorite…haunting Pac*Man and Q*Bert

Cool metallic Pac*Man ghost

Street Scene

One wall

Metroid Prime

Surreal Pac*Man

Link to the show (and access to credit for the artists involved):
i am 8 bit (Gallery 1988)

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