E3 2006

Another year, another E3. The best part was seeing friends. Additionally, I got to play some of the games I’m anticipating, including Spore. (The creature editor was tons of fun to play with and felt truly creative.) Assassin’s Creed has great art direction and looks intriguing…like Thief with a more open aggression. (Faster-paced play. Grounded Euro-medieval elements, but also with a whiff of the exotic, via Middle Eastern cities.)

Some pics, starting with me being a greenish goof:

Hellgate London…this game looks coincidentally *identical* to a pitch my team and I put together in 2004:

Some amazing ‘perspective’ sidewalk art that was in one of the main lobbies:

Another shot, featuring (I believe) the artist, Kurt Wenner:

Additional Kurt Wenner link:
E3 Sidewalk Art

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