Stealer of Seouls

I just got back from South Korea. Fortunately, Kim Jong-il didn’t nuke the city while I was there. (Though it would have made for a badass epitaph… “Here lies the game designer formerly known as Witchboy. He was disintegrated in a nuclear attack.”)

The conference was great and I think my speech went well, despite having to talk through an interpreter.

Following our super-fun trip to London, my girlfriend and I pushed our luck and had a blast in Seoul too. Just walking around on Asian streets is fairly amazing all on its own, but specifically Leah and I visited cool crowded markets, an old palace, a traditional Korean restaurant, and Seoul Tower. She had to overcome her fear of heights and ride in a cable car to get up to Seoul Tower. (Initially, she thought I meant a San Francisco-style trolley car and was confused when I was looking up in the sky, trying to find the cable car as a clue to lead us to the cable car station. When she saw it, hanging from wires, way up over the street, her expression was priceless. “Oh, you meant a cable car!?”)

One of the highlights of the trip was hanging out with Peter Krell from Game Face. Peter is a man of many talents…thinker, writer, editor and aspiring game designer.

The Seoul Hilton was really posh. I highly recommend the breakfast buffet.

Seoul Hilton

Photo of me watching Korean girls go by, taken by my awesome g/f Leah Stinson.

Lineage II poster

Me with a Lineage II poster. I asked Leah to take this one for my friend Starr Long.

Leah at KINEX

Leah, at KINEX, the convention center (which is WAY too far from downtown Seoul).

Peter Krell

Peter Krell, editor of Game Face, posing in some place other than Seoul.

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