Arkane At Game Connection 2008

Raphael and I just returned from Game Connection, which is one of the better game industry trade shows. The signal-to-noise ratio is exceptional. We had a great time and talked to a lot of interesting potential partners.

We’ve been thrown a recent curve ball by some industry shakeups, but we’ve got some good leads about what we want to do next. I’ve been feeling great lately, working on both strategy and RPG game systems.

One of the social highlights of the Game Connection show was the casino-themed party at the Mayor’s home. Hotel Deville is reminiscent of the Palace of Versaille.

2 thoughts on “Arkane At Game Connection 2008

  1. Interesting place – did you know the former Mayor of Lyon, Michel Noir is in the Serious Game business? I met with him at the Lyon GDC a couple of years ago and had done some work with a company trying to Americanize his French brain game company, Happy Neuron. Sad to hear about Arkane’s troubles, I’ve been a fan since Arx Fatalis and was looking forward to their collaboration with EA and friends.

  2. Hopefully it’s a temporary bump in the road. The stuff we’re working on is very cool and has our passions fired up. And the company has leveled up a lot in the last year. I love our guys.

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