The Gaf Collection

Since this thread appeared at NeoGAF, it’s gotten cooler by the day. It’s “…a theoretical series of video game releases for the more serious collectors (à la The Criterion Collection).” My favorite is the sepia-toned Bioshock box art. Brilliant thread. (Someone collected them all on one page.)

My own humble mockup.


4 thoughts on “The Gaf Collection

  1. Thanks for that link. I will post it to my friend who also does graphic design and is a gamer. I am sure he will like it.

    1. By the way, we have a german actress (Christiane Paul) who looks a little bit like the female Alex D. in ‘Invisible War’. 😉

    2. Be proud! I am playing games for 25 years now and had much, much fun with it. As good as the first part. Trust me.

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