sacrifice review update

I’ve received some feedback regarding my Sacrifice review and have added these two paragaphs. (Thanks for the feedback.)—-

One play-style notion to keep in mind is that Sacrifice plays best as an interupt-based game. That is, most of it flows at real-time, but periodically the player should pause combat (cntrl p) to make unit adjustments, attack different targets, can spells, evaluate the health of his creatures, etc. The game works far better when the player uses this method frequently.


One knock I’ve heard regarding the art direction is that it’s often hard to intuitively understand the nature of a unit based on its appearance. This is, in part, due to the fact that not all the units are cliche (or staple) fantasy characters and units. To counter this, the player’s assistant (his familiar) provides information on any new creature in a mission. Also, once the player understands the basic combat model, this problem is mitigated: range-attackers are good vs air units, air units are good vs melee units and melee units are good vs range-attackers. The game’s barrier to entry is hurt somewhat by these things, but after playing for a few hours and coming to understand all this, I restarted and seemed to hit a ‘sweet spot’ from a playability standpoint.

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