Some progress…

I’m still running behind, but at least I wrote tonight, instead of socializing and slacking. Currently, 9 days into this year’s novel-in-a-month project, I have 12,260 words written. (Supposed to have roughly 15,000 done.) I might be able to get fully back on track if I manage a boring weekend. (Unlikely.)

Tonight I cleaned up a scene in the present, where the protagonist arives back in his home town, and wrote an 8 page scene in the past, where a family pet dies a gruesome death.

Some of this is difficult shit. The modern version of the protagonist is like an imagined, twisted version of me, sans therapy. Much of what he does is just fantasy, delusion or paranoia. Everything that the childhood version remembers is something that I remember. That’s one of the challenges of this novel project for me, but that’s also what makes it cool and worthwhile.

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