Writing at the Green Muse

Ho, ho…my friend Ricardo and I are both working on our 30-day-novels at the Green Muse, a coffee shop here in Austin (in the South First area). Despite living here since ’93, I only recently discovered this place, after a friend turned me on to it.

The coffee shop is playing something by the White Stripes, off an album I don’t have. (Earlier, they were playing the Shins.)

In an hour and a half, I’ve written a thousand words. Not particularly fast, but looking back over last night’s scene, I really like it.

Not sure how long we’ll keep going, but hopefully for another couple of hours.

(Note: By the end of the night, I was at 15,500. Technically, I was supposed to be around 16,500. Some I should be able to catch up soon. Getting ahead of the word count is key, since that makes up for days when I can’t find the time to write or when some part of my life blows up.)

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