Falling in the shower

This morning I stepped into the shower, like always, but ended up tumbling down on my ass, which is definitely not how I like to start my day. I put my foot down too close to the sloped part of the tub and went down hard, taking the shower curtain with me.

My dog Star sits in the bathroom with me while I shower. (I think she digs the steam…or maybe she just likes to see me naked.) So she freaked out (naturally) when all this chaos blew up around her, and, in a split second, she jumped to the only safe place…the bath tub.

So I was lying there, wrapped in the shower curtain, half in the tub and half out of it, with a dog practically on top of me. The water was raining down on the entire scene, lending it an absurd vibe.

I think I bruised my knee and hip. Ouch.

Eventually, I got up, restored the curtain and–since she was already wet–gave Star a quick bath. I don’t think she was very happy about the entire incident. What a strange way to start the morning. I’m sure Star felt the same way.

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