Past the halfway mark

I’ve been diligent lately and–over the last couple of nights–I’ve finally passed up the 50,000 word mark, having written just over 26,000 words of the new novel.

I’m managed to do this while clinging to my frayed social life and taking care of my dog. So some nights, I get home from work at 645pm, walk the dog, relax for a while, write like mad, then go out until 1am. (Sometimes I also write through lunch at work on the following day…a trick I highly recommend for making up your word count.)

It’s been well worth it to hang on to my social life, because periodically I meet someone really cool, or I have one of those classic nights out with a good friend. Both have happened from time to time lately. Yay, social life.

I haven’t been to the gym consistently in a few weeks, which is really unusual for me. So in some ways, I’ll be happy when the novel-in-30-days project is over. Thirteen days to go…and ~24,000 words.

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