London Calling

Yesterday, at the Game Developers’ Conference, my speech went well, I believe. But today was the perfect day here in London.

Woke up at midnight, due to jet lag. Ordered room service, pigged out and watched bad late night BBC tv with my lovely girlfriend. Got up late this morning and went for coffee. Sat in beautiful Green Park for a while, watching pigeons and Londoners.

Then managed to squeeze in a speech by (one of my heroes) Peter Molyneaux. Raised my hand and asked a few questions after Molyneux’s speech, then met with him for a while afterward and chatted.

This evening, my girlfriend and I went to ride on the London Eye, then walked to Westminster Abbey. We were both strangely moved while there, and lit candles for loved ones (…the departed, but also the living and troubled).

We’ve been burning up our three-day Tube passes today. We might head out for dinner later in the evening. London is one of my favorite cities. I’ve been here three times and each time it gets better. I could easily live in this place.

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