Last Night in Austin

The Alamo Drafthouse is one of Austin’s current cultural treasures. I saw a Swedish film from this year’s Fantastic Fest over the weekend, called Let the Right One In, and I loved it. Avoid spoilers, but definitely check it out. Alternately dark and touching, creepy and sweet.

I went with my standard Drafthouse meal…no experimentation this time: White wine, hotwings, hummus with pita chips. I’d just shaved and–in the dark–ended up with hotwing sauce all over my face. Note to self: Avoid hotwings on days that you shave. Face. On. Fire.

In gaming news, I finally got the card game Zombie Flux, and I’m excited about trying it out soon.

I’m still playing Spore and Civilization Revolution…I hope to write up some comments on both soon. I tried to play Just Cause and couldn’t get into it at all.

3 thoughts on “Last Night in Austin

  1. Looks like a pretty cool venue. It’s a blessing to have an indy cinema because it means your film-going experience isn’t dictated by whatever 8 crap films are on at the multi-plex’s at any given moment. Austin has always had a great history of independent cinema hasn’t it?

    Dude…they’re showing Bad Taste at the drafthouse on Oct 1st 🙂 “Geeez, they come apaaart easy!”

  2. Sorry for the double post and off-topic…topic, but I just wanted to let you know that a good friend of mine has just published an interview with the dev team who are responsible for the upcoming hi-def mod of Deus Ex.

    Not sure if you’re interested, but I thought I’d give you a heads-up either way. 🙂

    Take it easy.

  3. The film sounds fascinating and I’d be very interested in a post detailing how your Zombie Fluxx experience turns out.

    I just picked up a deck myself (as well as James Wallis’ Baron Munchausen RPG), but it’s tough finding people to play if you haven’t a good core group.

    Just Cause is… ambitious but messy. The jungle setting is breathtaking at times and the parachute is sublime, but the tone, combat, driving, etc. leaves much to be desired.

    Still, jumping off of high places never gets old.

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