dx mp

the dx mp patch is out! it’s very cool to see people on the net finally playing it.

major kudos to the dx mp team: monte “Am I Hot or Not” martinez, matt baer, chris carollo, ricardo bare, clay hoffman, dane caruthers, rob kovach, andy dombrowski and (last but not least) the amazing alex duran (duran). the team, made up of dx1 developers plus some newly acquired staff members from Looking Glass, worked hard to pull it together. (they will now move over and join us on dx2 and thief3, full time, at last!)

the game plays more tactically than most mp fpp games. many people have commented on this so far. (for the team, this was paramount.) in response to specific comments about the movement rate of the player character, dx designer ricardo bare says this, “The player speed is the way it is for two major reasons. We wanted to encourage gameplay that was more about strategic decisions rather than twitch skills. Also, the player speed is tuned to our various tools, skills, weapons, and augmentations.”

one of our principal motivations in releasing the mp patch was, of course, to facilitate the dx mod community. we’re really psyched about what people will do with the dx tools over the next year.

anyway, if you like dx, go check out the mp (which includes deathmatch and team deathmatch with the dx character skills, weapons, tools and nanotech augmentations).


ps) just finished an _amazing_ book called House of Leaves. i am now very disturbed. be careful–the greater your imaginative abilities, the more powerful the book is.