Large DX 2 Update

A new update on the Deus Ex 2 project has been posted over on PlanetDeusEx, check it out here.

Included are some pieces of artwork that are well worth the look:

DX2_phase2greasel.jpg: Concept art for the “Phase 2” greasel.
(The original version of the creature will be returning as well.) The Phase
2 version represents an “advancement” by VersaLife, one of the biotech
companies. [Compare to Phase 1 concept]

DX2_karkian1.jpg: Concept art for the original version of the
karkian. The higher poly count allowed for models and the skeletal animation
bones should allow us to include some kinetic movement of the overlapping
plates on its back.

DX2_AquaticSecBot.jpg: Concept art for the underwater security
bot. We’ve planned for more water gameplay, including stealth and
light/darkness play in aquatic environments.