Anonymous Shout Out

Hearing that I was feeling under the weather, a friend made a trip to Whole Foods and brought me some hippie healing remedies (on her way to the Saxon Pub). I’m not sure if it’s allergies or a slow cold, but this was one of the nicest things anyone has done in a while. (I can only hope that I’ve been equally thoughtful.)

Hopefully, this elixir of twigs and flowers and mothwings (eye of newt?) will have me back at full speed soon. I don’t really feel bad…just got a few minor sneezing, coughing-type symptoms.

Sometimes I want to set the world on fire, but tonight I’m thinking that people are a fairly good idea, overall.

So anyway thanks. You know who you are. By sleeping in and getting all remedied up, I feel good enough to go out for dinner. Yay.

Our City

Austin is amazing, even if I realize a huge part of that is subjective. Lately, even through some of the hardest days of my adult life, the world seems (mostly) full of interesting people trying to be good to each other. There are so many distinctive, comfortable places in this city to have a drink, eat dinner or just to sit around and make each other laugh…it’s really kind of amazing. Parties, games, gatherings, and packs of highly social people on every corner. Sad to think of the wars, famine, genocide and shit going on elsewhere. But the the sun is out here in our city and today seems like a great omen.