R1bb0n Cutt1ng

We had a ribbon cutting ceremony at Midway’s new Austin studio this morning. We’ve been building up the studio (starting with Inevitable Entertainment as a solid base) for over a year now. The new office rocks.

Breakfast tacos and champagne…

Champagne and Tacos


This is a logo I wanted to use for FireTeam. I couldn’t convince my boss and instead we shipped the game with a super generic graphic design/fictional context. I keep it on my desktop right now as a reminder to stick to my guns when I feel something strongly. I still love it.

Fireteam Logo

Travelling at the Speed of Law

Every five years or so, I get a speeding ticket. Yesterday, as I was trying to get around some trolls going 60 in the far left lane, I sped up to the high-80’s/low 90’s. Just as I passed the trolls, I spotted a motorcycle cop up ahead.

He was polite, and only wrote me up for 80. “I’m cutting you a break, downgrading this by a couple’a categories.” Thanks for the break, officer.

Time for comedy club defensive driving, at the advice of my g/f.