MTV Gamemakers’ Roundtable

MTV Overdrive

I blogged about this recently…basically, MTV got some game designers together for a totally impromptu (and fun) series of conversations at an art gallery in LA called Gallery 1988. (The gallery was full of cool video game-related art, seen in the background.)

Takes a minute to load the Overdrive show, then there are pauses between segments, but it turned out great and was a blast.


If you’re interested, watch the short trailer for this really intense, upcoming documentary, An Inconvenient Truth.

Then check out how quickly the collective petrochem companies are mobilizing (haha, pun intended) to smear the movie (and the environmental movement).

Seriously, check out both links. It’s funny (and sad).

Rockhound Cafe

I finally went into Rockhound Cafe for the first time, after passing it a dozen times and making a few cockhound jokes.

It’s on Barton Springs, just east of Lamar, near the old Filling Station.

The food I had was awesome. They use really good bread and greens for their sandwiches.

Also, great music.

Make sure you check out the patio deck upstairs.

E3 2006

Another year, another E3. The best part was seeing friends. Additionally, I got to play some of the games I’m anticipating, including Spore. (The creature editor was tons of fun to play with and felt truly creative.) Assassin’s Creed has great art direction and looks intriguing…like Thief with a more open aggression. (Faster-paced play. Grounded Euro-medieval elements, but also with a whiff of the exotic, via Middle Eastern cities.)

Some pics, starting with me being a greenish goof:

Hellgate London…this game looks coincidentally *identical* to a pitch my team and I put together in 2004:

Some amazing ‘perspective’ sidewalk art that was in one of the main lobbies:

Another shot, featuring (I believe) the artist, Kurt Wenner:

Additional Kurt Wenner link:
E3 Sidewalk Art

Books of Death

I had to fly to LA twice last week, so I knocked out two totally lovely novels.

Monster Island by David Wellington: A zombie novel that manages to both hit the center of the genre and introduce innovative elements. I liked it.

Everyman by Philip Roth: My favorite living author has written another amazing novel, centered around one of the most fascinating, intense topics at hand…death. Highly recommended. (And if you haven’t read the Human Stain, you should.)