Loving the life sims…

Since Activision’s Little Computer People, El-fish and forward I have loved life sims. Imagine how cool it would have been for all the little fish in Deus Ex, swimming along the ‘aquatic archetype paths’ through the maps, to be imports from El-fish… Anyway, at last, Spore is coming. I played with it at E3 one year and instantly had fun as soon as I put my hands on the creature creator. I can’t wait. Civ Revolutions soon, then Spore. This is going to be a good year, with these games plus Far Cry 2, Mercs 2 and Fallout 3 coming.

“Dog Callar” ™

Leah and I are still in Australia. Walking back to the hotel, this idea hit me that I love.

Imagine an attachment for your dog’s collar that called your cell phone if your dog ever barked all crazy. (Ie, louder and longer than a specific threshhold.) After calling, the dog’s collar would stay on speakerphone mode.

This would allow you to do two things: Listen for breaking glass or thuggish voices, in case the dog is responding to a burglar. Calm your dog down by telling it to chill the fuck out over the phone.

Pure gold. TELL me that wouldn’t sell like hot cakes.