Stabilized Zapruder Film

The Zapruder film always makes me so sad. Whenever I happen to see it, I get depressed.

It’s not just the loss of a single life, or the loss of a promising leader, but also the 60’s setting reminds me of old pictures of my parents, before the bad days, plus there’s something inherent in my reaction to the film that represents the death of love; seeing Jackie react and flee fills me with a deep sadness.

Now–hoax or not–there is an interesting new version of the film.

Allegedly “stabilized” Zapruder film.

2005 Favorite Links

I’m always curious about which links people follow religiously, so maybe you are too. I got rid of my tv in the middle of 2005, so the web (and word of mouth) are my exclusively sources for news.

Of course, I also check in with and, just to stir my liberal rage.

There’s a lot of other useful stuff I look at from time to time (like or, but the following links I look at daily or weekly:

Exploding Dog
Exploding Dog is always charming, sometimes brutally funny.

The Onion
Of course, the classic humor site we’ve all loved for years.

Google News
The “news site” that I now use almost exclusively.

Perry Bible Fellowship
Awesome, slightly surrealist web comic.

Questionable Content
Indie music fan soap opera comic.
Perpetually interesting source for ‘net culture related stories.

Common Times
A community edited news site.

What interesting sites do you use routinely?